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Planning A Wedding

5 Keys to Having Your Dream Wedding for $5,000 Or Less

We had dreams of a sensational wedding. When we got engaged we wanted our wedding to reflect our special love for one another while giving our family and friends an opportunity to celebrate with us. The only obstacle to achieving this was our limited financial resources. The average cost of a wedding is more than $20,000. We wanted our wedding to be special but it seemed ridiculous to sink so much money into our first day of married life.
We refused to believe that our dream wedding should put a pinch on our newlywed finances. By following five key rules, we were able to achieve the wedding we imagined, without breaking the bank. In fact, our wedding only cost us $2,000. Since then, we have helped thousands of brides and grooms use the same key rules to make their wedding fantasies a reality.
Key #1: Create a Budget
Carefully consider how much you want to spend on your big day. Keep in mind that before the last thank you note has been written you will be faced with everyday marital expenses. Don’t allow your wedding to create a financial stress. Knowing how much you can afford for each aspect of your wedding makes it easier to say no to upgrades and ad-ons.
Key #2: Evaluate Your Goals
The wedding world is full of all kinds of marketers trying to persuade you to believe that what they are offering is essential to the success of your wedding. Anchor yourself by thinking about what is really important. Start by asking yourself essential questions such as, why do you want to have a wedding ceremony and reception?
Once you know why you want a wedding ceremony and reception you can start to shape them. If your goal is to have a fun celebration with your family and friends, focus your energy and budget on your reception.
Although you probably have more than one goal for your wedding, prioritize in order to best focus your wedding dollars.
Key #3: Check-in With Resources
Brides and grooms should utilize all the resources available to them including friends, family, co-workers, church members, and classmates. A great place to start is with family. Even if you are not expecting your parents or family members to pay for your wedding, you should still check in with them. They may be able to offer to pay for a certain aspect of your wedding such as the cake.
As you think about the various roles that need to be filled for your wedding ceremony, try to think of family members and friends who would do a great job filling each position. Just be sure to express heart-felt thanks for any services or monetary gifts. Bottom-line: you won’t know until you ask.
Key #4: Delegate
Try to delegate time-consuming projects like flower arranging and table decorations to willing helpers. Most of your friends would love to help you. They are waiting to be invited to participate in your wedding process. Carefully select friends to help based upon their particular skills and interests. By delegating responsibilities to your friends and family, you will be free to focus on making sure that everything comes together the way you have envisioned for your wedding day.
Key #5: Go for the Deals
When we were planning our wedding, we looked into buying a unity candle. The simplest unity candle set sold for $30. Instead, we bought the candles and our desired decorative enhancements from a local craft store and assembled them at home. If you are willing to assemble a few pieces, you can find much of what you need at a crafts store. You will pay a fraction of the cost of ready-made wedding items and be able to customize your wedding.
An Open Door to Your Wedding Dreams
The five keys we have outlined for you will unlock the door to your dream wedding. You can have the wedding of your dreams at an affordable cost. If you can afford $5,000, $3,000, or less than $2,000 like our wedding, your dream wedding is possible.…

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Wedding Budget

Outdoor Wedding Ideas and Plans

Marriages are said to be made in heaven, but it surely is celebrated and planned on our very own planet. In the modern times, people are gradually switching to more wild and out of box plans for their weddings. Outdoor wedding ideas are a popular wedding choice that numerous couples are coming up with. Outdoor locations if chosen properly can add the essence of romance in the air. If you are not very cautious while picking the location it is needless to say that even the most captivating arrangements can turn sour. The conventional weddings are definitely weddings too but outdoor tag somehow adds to the entire feel and look of the occasion.
When you decide upon making your wedding extraordinary, deciding upon the right location is of crucial importance. There are many venues that have been tried and tested by people in different parts of the globe while there are locations that are still virgin. A great advantage of arranging a wedding outside the four walls is that you have the most beautiful guests attending your wedding- the nature. This also reduces the need to plan up a lot of decoration for the wedding since the nature takes care of that aspect. You just need to highlight a bit with the right kind of matching decorations.
Nature, too, has numerous elements to it. You are free to choose any of them based on what you and your partner prefers the most. Some of the most frequently picked locations used for marriages comprise of beaches, gardens, cruise, lakesides, and even forests and mountains. Outdoor wedding ideas also help you to divest yourself from the ancient themes pre-decided by people and pick on a theme of your choice. You can truly visualize your wedding fantasies coming to life with everything of your choice! There are various companies that provide the service of planning and arranging a wedding in an outdoor venue of your choice.
Such services are either in the form of packages that more or less envelope every aspect of the wedding or some of them are tailor made to suit your needs precisely. A bespoke outdoor wedding can prove to be more economical since you can cut down the costs by subtracting the segments you do not want or even have them replaced. An experienced and leading brand in this field can provide you plenty of outdoor wedding ideas. You will be able to explore greater locations since expert minds will be working on making your special day very exceptional.
Such packages usually cover everything beginning from decorations, food, drinks, music, lights, to post event tasks such as cleaning up etc. outdoor wedding ideas have gained immense popularity in the recent times since there is no restriction on the area in comparison to an event inside a closed hall. It also reduces the expenditure involved in the entire event. All you need to do is have an alternate back up in the same location so that in case of a sudden downpour you can quickly shift indoors without hassles. Just hold the hands of your beloved and be ready to begin the most amazing journey of life at the most mesmerizing location!…

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Wedding Budget

Wedding Budget Ideas

When planning a wedding these days, probably the first thing that comes in your mind is the cost. Weddings are happy and special days, however, they may turn out to be bloody expensive nightmares if taken lightly. That’s the reason why a wedding budget is very significant in any kind of nuptial. A wedding budget will basically tell you how far you can go when it comes to your purchases. It is a way to make sure that you do not go over top, avoiding you to overspend your savings. In this article, you will be given some tips and ideas on how to save money on your wedding, but still give you that kind you have always dreamed of.
* Decorating a wedding can be a bit pricey. So, instead of hiring someone to do flower arrangement for you, why not do it yourself? You can find so many DIY flower arrangements online, which you can try at home together with your family members and friends. Arranging your own wedding flowers will save you from compensating a professional whom you can beat when it comes to arranging flowers, in the first place.
* Online shopping is a practical shopping option, especially is you are on a tight budget. Aside from getting a good discount for purchasing a volume of items, most of online products were priced relatively cheap because online stores usually have little overhead charges, while local retailers don’t.
* Another practical idea that can help you save a big amount of money is to plan your wedding during an off peak season. Avoid seasons that are always loaded with weddings, where vendors tend to price their products and services very high. So, instead of getting married during a peak month, schedule your wedding sometime between November to April, where you can get much better wedding deals.
* Many engaged couples might think that hiring a wedding coordinator is just another addition to their wedding expenses, which is not always the case. There are good wedding coordinators these days that can help you trim down your expenses, without sacrificing the quality of your wedding. They will not only help you stay within the limit of your budget, but they will also plan everything for you, avoiding you from getting stressed and frustrated.
* One important thing to remember when planning a wedding on a budget is to plan well in advance. Remember, you can not put all the wedding details together if you will for the last minute to arrive. After all, it is better being over prepared than being under prepared.
* As much as possible, select wedding supplies that can serve a dual purpose. For example, finding place card holders that can also serve as wedding favors. Or, you can also find beautiful wedding favors to accentuate the reception tables, avoiding you to spend money for the wedding centerpieces. Feel free to get creative! You can make your own wedding supplies, including wedding invitations, decorations and favors. This will not only save you from spending tons of dollars, but you can also let your creativity shine through.…

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Wedding Ideas

Your Wedding Reception – How To Create An Effective Timeline And Format

Your wedding reception should flow right along at a good pace, but it certainly should not be rushed. We strongly recommend following a format and timeline that varies slightly from the norm. Why? Because it works very well, improves flow and helps keep your guests around so everyone has fun. Plus it guarantees no lengthy break in the music once it starts. Dragging out the ceremonial activities combined with starting and stopping the music will frequently result in the early departure of some (or many) guests. Everything should be planned and scheduled with your DJ, photographer, caterer and other key vendors well in advance of your big day.
Here’s the sequence to follow for a successful wedding reception:
Arrival: The Wedding Party should strive to arrive at the reception hall within an hour of the end of the wedding ceremony. This means you must gather family and move right to your photo session. If the wedding and reception are at different locations, someone in the party should keep the DJ posted by cell phone as to the party’s whereabouts and estimated time of arrival so the DJ can keep guests informed.
Introduction: The DJ joins the wedding party just outside entrance to hall and makes sure everyone is properly lined up and ready to go. The introduction should be limited to the wedding party; however it is perfectly OK to include parents, grandparents and others close to the bride and groom. Note: If your DJ has access to a studio, you might consider having him or her produce an awesome announcement mixed with music pre-chosen by the bride and groom. Pulled off correctly – it requires a true pro – this can really make your entrance “big time!”
If you will play a video-slideshow of the bride and groom through the years, a good time to do it is after all members of the wedding party have been announced, except the bride and groom who wait outside the hall during the video. Another good choice is just before dinner when everyone is seated. Your video-slideshow show should be three to four minutes with special music mixed under the photos and graphics.
Cake Cutting: As introduced, members of the wedding party should proceed immediately to the dinner table and be seated. The bride & groom upon introduction should walk straight to the cake and proceed with the cutting. It’s a good photo-op and guests are already centered on the bride and groom. The newlyweds then take their seat for dinner.
Toast: This should take place just a few minutes after the bride and groom are seated but before any food is served and certainly not while servers are moving about the area.
Blessing: The microphone will be handed off to the person who will do your blessing. The toasters and DJ must know where this person is sitting.
Dinner: If banquet style, bride and groom go first followed by the rest of wedding party. Then tables are released one at a time by staff, friends or your DJ. Arrange it in advance.
Greeting Guests: If the bride and groom wish to “work the room”, they should do so immediately upon completion of their dinner while guests are still at their tables. They’ll be “honored” to have you stop by, even if you interrupt their dinner conversation.
Bouquet Toss: This should take place as soon as possible after dinner.
Garter Toss: This should immediately follow the toss.
First Dance: Bride and groom dance to their special song.
Father/Daughter Dance: The bride’s father joins her for a special dance.
Mother/Groom Dance: (optional)
(We suggest no Dollar dance or other special dances except for the entire wedding party. Dollar dances tend to drag on, slow things down and are considered a bit “cheesy” these days)
Wedding Party Dance: Your DJ invites all members of the wedding party to hit the floor.
Anniversary Dance: Your DJ will invite all married couples to the dance floor and play about thirty seconds of a pre-selected song, then ask anyone married less than a day to take a seat. Obviously, the bride and groom are first to leave with everyone’s focus still on them. After a few more seconds of the song, everyone married less than a year will sit down, and so forth. You get the idea. Eventually a few couples married 50 years or more will remain. This special dance is a great way to get people involved and a neat way to lead into open dancing for all.
Open Dance Floor: This continues with no interruptions until the end of the reception.
Treat your wedding reception as a “production” and pay attention to detail when meeting with your service providers and constructing your timeline.…

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Wedding Table Decorations

Plan a Wedding the Simple Way

So your fianc?� finally proposed to you and of course you said yes! After letting your families, friends and colleagues about it, it’s time to plan the wedding. Women are more meticulous about making the wedding perfect, every single detail, even the smallest one, should be planned carefully. After all, you only get to marry once, ideally that is.
There are a lot of things that you need to think about once you decide to tie the knot with your partner. It’s normal to get nervous but don’t get too carried away. If you don’t know how to prioritize your tasks, you may end up spending a lot of money even to those things that you really need. No matter how much your budget is, you can still have your dream wedding if know how to make the right decisions.
First thing that you need to do it set the date and time. Have your partner help on the process. Once you’ve done that, you need to consider the number of your guest. It is extremely important because a lot of wedding factors will be affected by this.
Now you need to look for the venue. This goes for the wedding ceremony location and the reception that follows afterwards. Take a look at your guest list and make sure that the location can accommodate the number of people who will attend.
And then there’s also the wedding dress. Most women would dream about it a lot, wearing in the perfect wedding dress while walking down the isle. Since custom wedding dressed are really expensive, you can watch out for sales on bridal shops or look for wedding affairs that offer coupons and great deals on wedding gowns.
To save on your wedding cake, which we know can it can be very costly especially when it’s custom-made, why not go to your local bakeshop instead rather than to someone who really specializes in wedding cakes. Remember to give them enough time, at least 3 months before your wedding date to make your cake. And be specific on giving your instructions to avoid any misunderstanding.
The food and drinks will probably be the wedding factor that will take a lot of your wedding budget. Remember what we said about the guest will affect a lot of things on your wedding? To put it simply, if you want to save, you need to trim down the number of your guest. The less mouth to feed, the lower is your costs.
There are other things that you also need to consider such as the wedding decorations, wedding favors, centerpieces and invitations. Just learn how to organize things, make a checklist to make things easier for you. After you’re done with all of these decisions, it will finally be your big day. So enjoy.…

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How to Plan For Your Wedding Budget, Wedding Toast and Other Important Things For Your Big Day

Couples face a lot of pressure when making plans to have the perfect wedding. There’s an overpowering feeling that would creep up on you as you start writing the “to-do” lists (which include the wedding theme, wedding toast, budget, etc) and find out that you are basically having quite a challenge in planning for the event.
There are lots of issues that you will need to take into account:
– the decorations and the style of the celebration
– the budget, the wedding location and the guests
– the music and service providers
– the invitations, reply cards and many thanks notes
– the bride’s and bridesmaids’ outfits and dresses
– the food to be served in the event
– the wedding license
– gifts for the guests
– photo-shooting.
The list can be much longer, depending on how you would plan the event. However, planning the ideal wedding needs more than simply covering all the things in your list. The plans will require the support of your partner, friends and family. A lot of issues would arise as the in-laws can’t agree on the details of the ceremony, on the particular dates, seating and location for the event.
You will need professional help to make things less complicated for you, unless you’ve got a friend or a member of the family who would volunteer as the official organizer. Regardless as to whether you’d follow the lines of a standard wedding or you have decided for a certain theme, things will be much better if you keep it as simple as you can. In most cases, the hardship in planning increases with the complexity of the celebration that you’d like to have.
Unfortunately, when you’re too happy about details, there are higher hazards of not having the ability to please everyone. Who are you planning the ideal wedding for? Your friends, your mother and father, or yourself? With this in mind, it is advisable that you go through things step-by-step and begin working on the main processes you want to cover as soon as possible. Then, when you have found a suitable location, selected the best outfits and contacted the caterers, you must then feel more relaxed.
So, in planning for the big day (the budget, wedding toast, themes, menu, groom wedding speech and so on), things would be a lot easier if you believe that you are getting ready for the happiest day of your life and that it’s the start of your life together with your partner. Positivity and confidence will help you go through the challenges of organizing the event. Therefore, it’s paradoxical how disputes, disagreements and fights can spoil the event. You can always make a difference by keeping a positive perspective!…

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Planning a Winter Wedding – 5 Things to Remember

Planning a winter wedding normally is an exciting affair as it’s one of the prettiest and romantic seasons to get married in. Most winter weddings are indoor-based events, which mean that they happen to be more formal than the traditional spring or summer weddings.
For many couples, planning a formal occasion can seem daunting and scary. You can use the conventional winter colors like shades of silvers and whites and use crystals for emulating ice. This would be a very pretty winter wedding reception theme. You also can use colors like red, ice blue, gold and silver for the winter wedding.
1. For winter wedding ideas related to invitation cards, heavy cardstocks in the color white can be used with writing scripted in black. A snowflake logo on the card would look very elegant. Silver ribbons can also be tied around the invites.
2. There are diverse kinds of winter wedding flowers, which are seasonal and can be used for the d?�cor. Some of the most in-demand and loved varieties are hydrangeas, amaryllis and calla lilies.
To make beautiful and diverse boutonni?�res and bouquets, you can add in snowberries for a nice texture or Dusty Miller foliage or lamb’s ear for a slight touch of silverish green. You can add crystals to the flowers.
3. Planning a winter wedding at the right time is very important. Using branches instead of flowers will be very creative as winter wedding reception centerpieces. You can get branches in whites or blacks easily at your local craft store.
You can glue on the tiny crystals on these branches, so that they look like ice droplets and later arrange these lovely branches in a crystal clear vase. Place this vase on an elegant mirrored disk and surround this reception centerpiece with tea lights or votives.
4. Look through the internet to get more winter wedding decoration ideas. A great winter wedding cake would be a classic cake – all white which has been dusted with silver powder, which is edible. Embellish the cake with sugar crystals and white colored sugar ribbon or with a fantastic looking lace pattern. Another splendid idea would be placing each layer of the cake over the stands and then letting the exquisite looking crystal drops hang down from each of these stands.
5. You could also get involved with planning a winter wedding favor. In order to rightly match the recurring ice theme, use crystal ornaments that have been engraved with the couple’s names and the wedding date.
Mini ice wine bottles (wine which has been created from grapes that were harvested while they were still frozen) along with custom labels on them is a great idea too. Roasted chestnuts or cranberries coated in chocolate, handed in tiny mesh bags in silver would be a lovely favor for the guests.
You can also get made-to-order mugs, which have the wedding date and the couple’s names imprinted on them. These mugs can later on be boxed a hot chocolate or cocoa mix.
As daunting and intimidating as it might sound and look, planning a winter wedding is not that a scary task. Start planning months before so that there’s nothing left to shop or worry about at the last moment. A wedding ought to be a fun event, so you need to manage your time accordingly.…