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How to Determine the Budget Needed For Your Wedding

The big bad budget. Look people if you do not set a budget you cannot plan smart. If you are without a budget, you are like a boat without an oar!

“Our thoughts create our reality — where we put our focus is the direction we tend to go. Peter McWilliams,”

“One reason so few of us achieve what we truly want is that we never direct our focus; we never concentrate our power. Most people dabble their way through life, never deciding to master anything in particular.” Anthony Robbins

Do you get the point? You need a focus. Your budget will determine your wedding focus. How do you determine the budget you need for your weddinng?

Things You Must Do in Order to Determine Your Wedding Budget

Talk with your fianc?� and all parents or family members. I would suggest meeting with your family members separately. You will need to ask them what they think and how or if they can help.

Talk about budget, style, size of event, location, time of year and attendees.

You need to talk things over with every family member who will be involved in the finances of the wedding. Your Wedding Budget will be the most important and the most volatile subject you probably have ever discussed. It is so important to be realistic. You do not want to start out your life in debt! So find out how you are going to pay for this.

Here is a little formula you might use to help you determine your budge, calculate the number of months before the wedding mulitply that by the amount of money you can put aside each month then add contributions from parents as well as any other savings, subtract 5 percent (you will ust this to set aside for unexpected expenses), ta da this will give you your Wedding Budget. Once you have done this, don’t panic you can still have a great wedding if you plan ahead and are realistic.

The fact is that today’s weddings are expensive. The average cost of a wedding in the United States is around $25,000. Weddings in larger cities will cost more than the small town in central Illinois.

One of the biggest determining factors in setting your budget is the number of guests you expect to invite. Obviously, the more people you have the more expensive it will be. You can control your budget by starting with your guest list.

Who pays for what? You can find so much information on wedding etiquette by a simple Google Search.

The following is a list of wedding costs customarily paid for by the Bride’s parents: Tradition holds that the Bride’s parents pay for the reception but today’s weddings are changing. It is important to understand what is traditional, especially in the area of paying for a wedding.

Why did the Bride’s parents get stuck with the expense? It probably originated from the ancient tradition of paying a large dowry to attract a good husband, hopefully this is not true, and you are a match made in heaven not the bank.

Over the years, this tradition became more “Modern,” but still when it comes to paying for a wedding it has remained the bride’s parents pay for the much of the costs.

The following is a list of wedding costscustomarily paid by the groom’s parents:

Rehearsal dinner

The parents of the groom customarily pay for the rehearsal dinner. Typically, everyone who was at the rehearsal should be invited to the rehearsal dinner. This includes, but is not limited to, the bride, groom, parents of both, grandparents of both, the officiate and his/her spouse, siblings and their spouses or partners, etc. It might also include out of town guests or close friends but this is not a hard and fast rule just hospitable.

Reception Beverages (alcohol at the bar)

If we stick with tradition, the bride’s parents cover the expense of the reception that includes food and drinks. However, the groom’s parents are expected to pay for the drinks at the bar.

Setting a budget is primary in keeping your costs under control. Once you have talked things over with your families and your fiance you will have a better understanding of where the money is coming from and who will contribute. You see where you are financially, now it is time to set a budget. A real dollar figure that is realistic.

Yes, I said B U D G E T, budget! If you go at this blindly, you will spend so much more than you ever thought possible. It is painful but JUST DO IT!…

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How to Choose Great Wedding Favors

Generally when you go to a wedding the bride and groom will offer a token of appreciation by giving small gifts or wedding favors. This is quite traditional for most weddings in many countries. When choosing the ideal wedding favor for your guest, you want to choose a gift that says thank you. Much like the wedding ceremony holds many pleasant memories for the bride and groom. Wedding favors offers an experience to your guest that also last once the wedding ceremony is over. Therefore it has to be unique to your guest.
There is a number of wedding favor ideas to choose from. For example; garden wedding favors, oriental, beach or decorative themes are good choices. Also you can dome uniqueness to the wedding favor such as personalized photos, pens, candles, vases and even wedding music CD’s.
The aim here is to choose the ideal favor for everyone. Sometimes this can be quite difficult to decide and other times it’s quite easy. It depends on where you go to purchase your wedding favor’s and the selection they have available. You can find a number of wedding outlets online. Visiting a website and browsing the selection is quite simple and time effective. Some online wedding store will send out samples to give you a good idea and offer great bulk purchase rates. This helps you to decide if the gift ideas are worth the cost as well.
Generally, you’ll find it much easier to pick a functional gift. This means the gift will somehow be useful to your guest after the wedding. Offering meaningless gifts typically end up in the trash shortly after the wedding.
Also try not to spend too much money on the wedding favor or your personalization methods. Also keep your personalize statements brief. You can find some great wedding guest gifts for under $5 dollars while other you can have for just over $10 dollars. Always go with the less expensive route when possible. There are tons of unique wedding favor’s that are inexpensive if you shop around.
Make sure to order the right amount of wedding favor’s to match your wedding guest list. Try not to buy to many or not enough. It’s always best to estimate the total guest list and get a few extras just in case. You also want to coordinate with the time of year of your wedding ceremony. It’s a good idea to have winter wedding favors for a winter wedding.…

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Tracking Who Pays For What In A Wedding Budget

A wedding budget is not a simple under taking. Well, at least an accurate wedding budget is not. Staying under budget is one goal of most brides. Things get a little more complicated when you start to think of splitting the costs among several groups of people. Here are some things that you should consider when deciding who is going to pay for what.
How should we break down the expenses?
Traditionally, there is a set of rules that dictates who pays for what in a wedding. Generally speaking, the bride’s family is responsible for the reception and ceremony expenses. The groom’s side of the family is responsible for the rehearsal dinner as well as a small portion of the flowers for the wedding. The groom is responsible for the rings for the bride and the honeymoon. The bride is responsible for the rings for the groom. There are many variations on this and we could go into much more details. But families are not as traditional as they were in the past. And today’s bride and groom are waiting even later to get married than ever before. The combination on those two points makes it harder to come up with a standard budget breakdown that works for everyone. Before you get started, you should examine your family situation. It may even be the case that you have to fund the wedding yourself. You just need to come up with a break down that works for your family.
What are you going to include in your budget?
How you breakdown the expenses will determine what you include in the budget. If the groom to be is paying for the honeymoon, then you can let him track that separately. But if you are letting the groom’s parents pay for their share of the flowers, you would want to include that in your budget. Communicate with them early in the planning process and let them know how you want to handle the situation. Are you going to pay for it up front and let them pay you back? Or are they going to write you a check for you to use when you need. Getting an accurate amount available to spend is should be a priority. Also make sure to communicate any changes in prices as soon as possible so that there are no surprises.
How can I keep track this in my budget?
You will want to keep track of who pays for what in your budget somewhere. The best thing to do is to add a column called “Responsible” to your budget. Fill in the column as you figure out prices. If there is going to be a split payment on a service, you may want to include multiple line items in order to track the amounts for each contributor. Account for the fact that the is more than one party paying for items in your budget. If the groom’s parents are paying a few hundred dollars for flowers, make sure that amount is counted in the overall budget total.
Spending time getting your budget in order is important in wedding planning. Spend the time necessary to get your financials in order. You will spend much more time in the future trying to correct problems if you are not organized up front. Have a well budgeted wedding!…

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Romantic Sydney Harbour Wedding Ideas

Every romantic’s heart beats faster at the idea of a romantic wedding and he or she aspires to have one that is special, unique and different from the umpteen romantic ideas of getting married that have been looked up, dived into, tried and tested by the millions of die-hard romantics of the world! Sydney Harbour is the most beautiful and the most romantic location in Sydney and the most romantic wedding ideas here are appropriately centred on the harbour!
The harbour has so many world famous landmarks where one can tie the romantic knot that each location provides an entirely different setting and a unique idea for your wedding! It could be a fun-filled romantic wedding or it could be casual, or elegant, or set in an iconic background – all romantic, of course! Sydney is blessed with long stretches of pearl-white beaches, sunny blue skies, and a pleasant climate throughout the year! A casual wedding in the setting of a beautiful beach could be utterly romantic too! There are several locations on the beaches of Sydney that provide wedding packages with all the usual trappings of a wedding – celebrant and bridal music included! After the ceremony, the bride and groom can sink their bare feet into the sand and kiss with the cool sea breeze blowing through their hair! There are beach venues on the foreshores of Sydney Harbour that combine the tranquillity of the beaches and the serenity of the harbour!
Sydney Harbour is famous for the most recognised icons of the world – Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge. If you are getting married in this city, you could think of giving an iconic touch to your wedding and make it especially memorable for not only yourselves but for all your guests as well! You can freeze the special moments of your special day forever in a series of spectacular photographs in the setting of the harbour and with the famous icons in the background! The Opera House and its premises provide a lot of romantic spots that are picture-perfect and ideal for the great event!
Blessed by nature, the city is also so richly endowed with verdant parklands and lush green gardens that one could actually organise a wedding on a landscaped garden amidst nodding blooms and swaying trees! There are garden locations with sweeping views of the harbour – Opera House, Harbour Bridge, Fort Denison and all! A garden wedding is one of the most time-tested romantic wedding ideas, and in Sydney, you could even have a mountain wedding! Mount Tomah Botanic Garden is one such location!
Sydney and its people are known for their cool lifestyle and attitude! If one wishes to throw in some sensation and adventure too in addition to romance to make one’s wedding extraordinary, that too is possible in Sydney! Couples have known to climb the Harbour Bridge with celebrant, guests and all to get married at the summit of the bridge! Imagine a wedding ceremony more than 130 metres above the water-level, looking down at the most beautiful harbour of the world and the amazing city of Sydney that would make you feel, quite literally, on top of the world!
There are other ways of having a sensational, adventurous and also romantic wedding in Sydney! Why not a tall ship wedding on, where else but, the spectacular Sydney Harbour! The ship has a quaint charm of a bygone era that would render yours a dream wedding! One can exchange the vows underneath the sails in a romantic rustic surrounding! The ship can be anchored at the wharf for the ceremony or the ceremony can take place when the ship is under sail! The groom can kiss the bride with the cool wind flapping the sails of the ship and causing a riot of the bride’s hair – in the setting of the harbour with the Opera House not far behind and the Harbour Bridge looking on!
A Magistic wedding cruise on a stylish catamaran and a Showboat wedding cruise on a classic paddle wheeler are other ideal ways to make the most of the amazing views of the harbour and a luxury cruise for a spectacular wedding! The menu can be prefixed which will be freshly prepared on board by an expert chef and his team. An events team can see to all the fine details of the ceremony leaving the bride and groom free from the hassles of organising their own wedding to happily glide into marital bliss! If marriages are made in heaven, romantic wedding receptions, undeniably, are held in Sydney!…

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Selecting a Wedding Planner Book

For those who can’t afford to hire a wedding planner, buying a wedding planner book may be the next best bet. But what are the criteria of a good book? What should the bride or groom look for in such a guide? This article will highlight the main things to look for when making this purchase.
First, you have to make a decision on what kind of binding you want for your book. A regular bound book, like you’d find for any novel, is a solid choice, but may fall apart with much use. A spiral bound book may hold up better under the abuse you’ll surely give it. You could also get a binder book – the advantage of these types of books is that you can add your own pages to it if necessary. The pages could accidentally get ripped out of the book, however, so be careful.
Next, content matters. Some books will give general advice on what to plan, while other books will go into great detail. Some will even offer you suggestions for themes, music, and more. How much detail your book should offer is up to your taste. If you know exactly what you need to do and just need an organizer, you may not need a book with tons of info. But if you are totally lost, look for a book with as much information as you can stand.
Perhaps the most important part of a wedding planner book is how it keeps you organized. You want a book that will allow you to write in your own information into it about dates, guests, vendors, design choices, and any other specifics about your wedding. You want a book that will keep you focused as you peruse the options available for your wedding. Look for books that have worksheets that you can copy or print out and give to others if necessary.
Finally, look for a book with extras. Some books come with calendars, DVDs, or computer software that will help you in your wedding planning quest. Good luck!…

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Top 3 Questions That You Must Ask Your Wedding Planner

Planning weddings was never an easy job and when it comes to your wedding, you want absolutely the best. In order for this to happen, you must make sure to hire a good wedding planner. Merely glowing testimonials and recommendations by others is not enough. You need to see for yourself whether the wedding planner in question will suit your needs.
It’s quite a well-known fact that what worked for your second cousin might not work for you!
Of course, the small matter of verifying whether the wedding planning business does exist must come before asking any questions. Here are five questions that you absolutely must ask your wedding designer.
1. Do I get value for my money? You need to know exactly what you’re setting yourself up for. This helps to ensure that no “surprise” costs crop up out of the blue after you’ve already hired your wedding designer and there’s only a month left for the wedding! Does the wedding planning fee also include the fee of the assistants on D-day? If not, how many assistants will be required and how much will they charge?
2. Will you stick to my budget and not push me to go (too much) further? Sticking to the wedding budget is a big part of the wedding planners’ job. But sometimes, your wedding budget seems to increase by a whole lot. It’s not hard to make a wedding go over-budget at all! So make sure you hire a wedding planner who makes the budget a top priority.
3. Are you familiar with the Venue and Vendors? You may have hired the best wedding planners but they might not be familiar with the vendors you want! Also, you need to ask whether your wedding planner is getting a referral fee from the vendors in question, if one company is being pushed at you from all directions, then you know it’s just a backend financial agreement which is driving this entire transaction. So you need to be cautious about that!
I’m sure that, by now you have understood that you can’t rest in peace after handing over the responsibility of arranging the wedding to wedding planners, so don’t forget to get out that old yoga mat you have and de-stress at times!…

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Five Ways of Quick Shopping During the Wedding Preparations

Shopping smartly and saving time should be the rule for meeting your wedding deadlines. Follow these exclusive tit-bits and make the most of your shopping time.
1) Plan Your Priority List
It is very important to plan your priority list. This will help you in having a clear vision about the dos and don’ts.
Write down your pre-wedding and post wedding wardrobe list. Then decide your wedding trousseau as well as accessories. It may ease your pressure and things will fall in place according to the list also.
2) Fix All Your Wedding Appointments
In between your lunch breaks, go shopping for makeup items. In case of perfume, try to stick to your old brand. Fix up all beauty regime and bridal regime appointments too.
Keep your pre-bridal beauty regime in short intervals.
3) Wedding Trousseau
If you don’t have time for getting bridal lehenga choli stitched, you can also go for unstitched salwar kameez. You can get it custom made as it will take lesser time for getting it stitched.
As compared to lehenga choli, it will be less expensive too. Managing your shopping budget during wedding is an important issue. You can save time by going for online options.
You can buy bridal salwar kameez from online sites which exhibit a variety of designs at par with the boutiques.
Traditional Indian Salwar Kameez can be utilized also during the post wedding functions.
If you are not an avid fan of traditional stuff, salwar kameez as your bridal trousseau is apt. There is wide variety of designs available in the market. While shopping, you can also pick up unstitched salwar kammez for post wedding functions at your in laws place.
Copper prints, brasso, Tussar et al in jacquard, brocade and georgette material are in vogue in case of un-stitched salwar kameez.
4) Invitations At Rocket’s Speed
There cannot be a wedding without friends, guests and relatives. Instead of getting it hand delivered personally, ask your pals to come to your rescue. This move will not only save your time but also money.
The other way is to get it scanned and email it across to everyone. Do not fret over it as people would understand the issue of shortage of time. In case of important relatives like in-laws et al, ask one of close relative to come to your rescue.
5) Sizzling Bride
Weddings are all about the brides and their attire. It is one time of life when every girl wishes to look like a princess.
A lot of would be brides push themselves for dieting. Due to the time constraint and more deadlines to meet, keep your hands more on the healthy food options.
A healthy look will make you look and feel more vibrant on your big day.
Comfort Factor
Wedding is all about glamorous and sparkling designs. You can pick up some comfortable cotton and chiffon un-stitched salwar kameez material for wearing during the rituals at the in-laws place.
It is advisable to wear comfortable yet chic salwar kameez while attending the strenuous long hours of rituals.
So breathe in and get going for your wedding shopping.…