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5 Key Questions to Ask When Hiring a Wedding Videographer Or Photographer

In this article, I’m going to take you through 5 key questions you’ll want to be sure to ask during interviews you conduct with videographers and photographers you are considering hiring for your wedding.
1. How many proofs will you have to choose from?
Most couples like to have between 60 and 80 photos in their wedding album. It really can take that many photos to tell the whole story, but it can take up to 200 or more shots to make your final selections from.
For video, be sure to ask if the Videographer will cover the entire ceremony and reception and if they will charge extra to have the rehearsal dinner and preparations on the day of the wedding.
As both if their will be extra charges for taking more pictures or shooting more video. Those with digital equipment generally won’t. But if they do, or they use film, these extra charges can add to the bottom line significantly. Be sure you know the cost of the extras if applicable.
2. Who owns the proofs / negatives / master tape / raw video?
If the photographer or Videographer retains ownership, you’ll have to purchase all copies through him or her. The cost will be much higher than if you were able to make the copies on your own. If you own the negatives and raw video, you can shop around for the best deal on professionally make copies.
3. Ask about the deposit the photographer or Videographer requires
Also, be sure to find out of the deposit is refundable and how much notice is required to get your deposit refunded.
4. How long will it take to get the final prints, albums or tapes after the wedding?
Don’t be shocked if you are told it’ll take 3-4 months, because that’s the norm.m But be very wary if they can’t give you a firm time line or if the time line is much longer than 3-4 months.
5. Are you expected to feed the photographer and Videographer and their assistants?
Believe it or not, this is something that can cost you plenty. Some of these folks will add this to their contract, so it could end up costing you $25 or more per worker. If you’ve got a lot of staff working on your wedding, you could be looking at an extra $100 or more. Sure, you should probably be feeding these people, especially if they are with you all day, but you need to know exactly how many meals you will need for them so that you can stick to your budget.
You may want to speak with your caterer and see if they can provide a different and less costly meal for these folks. You’ll also want to make arrangements for the photographer and or the Videographer and their crews to eat before the reception so that they will be available to shoot important moments such as your entrance, your first dance and so on.…