5 Keys to Having Your Dream Wedding for $5,000 Or Less

We had dreams of a sensational wedding. When we got engaged we wanted our wedding to reflect our special love for one another while giving our family and friends an opportunity to celebrate with us. The only obstacle to achieving this was our limited financial resources. The average cost of a wedding is more than $20,000. We wanted our wedding to be special but it seemed ridiculous to sink so much money into our first day of married life.
We refused to believe that our dream wedding should put a pinch on our newlywed finances. By following five key rules, we were able to achieve the wedding we imagined, without breaking the bank. In fact, our wedding only cost us $2,000. Since then, we have helped thousands of brides and grooms use the same key rules to make their wedding fantasies a reality.
Key #1: Create a Budget
Carefully consider how much you want to spend on your big day. Keep in mind that before the last thank you note has been written you will be faced with everyday marital expenses. Don’t allow your wedding to create a financial stress. Knowing how much you can afford for each aspect of your wedding makes it easier to say no to upgrades and ad-ons.
Key #2: Evaluate Your Goals
The wedding world is full of all kinds of marketers trying to persuade you to believe that what they are offering is essential to the success of your wedding. Anchor yourself by thinking about what is really important. Start by asking yourself essential questions such as, why do you want to have a wedding ceremony and reception?
Once you know why you want a wedding ceremony and reception you can start to shape them. If your goal is to have a fun celebration with your family and friends, focus your energy and budget on your reception.
Although you probably have more than one goal for your wedding, prioritize in order to best focus your wedding dollars.
Key #3: Check-in With Resources
Brides and grooms should utilize all the resources available to them including friends, family, co-workers, church members, and classmates. A great place to start is with family. Even if you are not expecting your parents or family members to pay for your wedding, you should still check in with them. They may be able to offer to pay for a certain aspect of your wedding such as the cake.
As you think about the various roles that need to be filled for your wedding ceremony, try to think of family members and friends who would do a great job filling each position. Just be sure to express heart-felt thanks for any services or monetary gifts. Bottom-line: you won’t know until you ask.
Key #4: Delegate
Try to delegate time-consuming projects like flower arranging and table decorations to willing helpers. Most of your friends would love to help you. They are waiting to be invited to participate in your wedding process. Carefully select friends to help based upon their particular skills and interests. By delegating responsibilities to your friends and family, you will be free to focus on making sure that everything comes together the way you have envisioned for your wedding day.
Key #5: Go for the Deals
When we were planning our wedding, we looked into buying a unity candle. The simplest unity candle set sold for $30. Instead, we bought the candles and our desired decorative enhancements from a local craft store and assembled them at home. If you are willing to assemble a few pieces, you can find much of what you need at a crafts store. You will pay a fraction of the cost of ready-made wedding items and be able to customize your wedding.
An Open Door to Your Wedding Dreams
The five keys we have outlined for you will unlock the door to your dream wedding. You can have the wedding of your dreams at an affordable cost. If you can afford $5,000, $3,000, or less than $2,000 like our wedding, your dream wedding is possible.

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