Amazing Tips For Your Unique Wedding Theme

You may never get the title “Wedding of the year”, but you also want an exiting memorable wedding and not a wedding which is boring for your guests.
It is high time that you get away from all the rituals associated with weddings and add your own flavour to what could be the most memorable event in your life.
Here are some of the many unique wedding theme ideas that you can adapt:
Tip #1 – Get rid of the gigantic wedding cake.
Most weddings would never be complete without towering wedding cakes, those gateaus that no guest would ever want to touch to avoid it from tumbling down.
To make sure that all your guests would be able to enjoy the treat, you can settle for mini cakes instead.
There are already plenty of cake decorators who can customize the look of each of these cakes. Perhaps they can add symbols of things that you and your spouse are known for.
If both of you are into sports, you can have baseball field mini cakes.
Tip #2 – Sing out the speeches.
One of the things that are often ignored by guests during the celebration is the speeches. This is especially true if the one tasked to deliver has prepared several pages of it.
To make speeches livelier, you can ask them to sing their dedication to you instead. They can simply pick from among the multitudes of songs heard on the radio, or they can be creative enough to compose their own.
Tip #3 – Display the canvas.
You want to keep tabs of all the guests who came to your wedding. The list would come in handy once you send out your thank-you notes.
However, guest books can sometimes be torn, and they are too traditional.
A good option would be the canvas. You can have your guests write their names and well-wishes on it, and you can hang or frame the canvas later.
It then becomes an ever-lasting memento, and you are sure that you will not lose the list.
Tip #4 – Add your own ceremony.
You can insert your own ceremony during your wedding. Perhaps you want to surprise your partner with a song or a poem you yourself wrote.
You may want to encourage some of your guests to say a little prayer for both of you.
These gestures could be small, but they can make your own wedding intimate and, most of all, one of a kind.

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