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Are Budget Weddings Tacky?

When a woman becomes engaged, the last word she probably wants to hear is “budget”. After all, isn’t every girl’s dream to have a giant, glorious wedding, dressed like a princess and surrounded by flowers and gifts and food and friends? That doesn’t quite equate with “budget”, now does it? But, if you are thinking that budget weddings are somehow tacky or low class think again. In tough economic times like we are having now, they are almost necessary.
Budget weddings do not mean you and your future husband running off with a knapsack to get married by the local justice of the peace! You can still dress in a beautiful, white gown, have great food and beautiful flowers, and get married in a place you will enjoy telling your children about. Being on a budget just means that you are getting everything cheaper than you otherwise would.
In a wedding, there are numerous ways to save money. Don’t get your flowers at the florist – go to the farmer’s market, or get local horticulture students to help you. Don’t go to the expensive wedding cake designer – go to the local community college and have the culinary arts students do it. You can get many quality photographers and videographers for a song, speaking of which, you can get inexpensive DJ’s, too!
By making your quest to stay on a budget your goal, you will be able to see that budget weddings are nothing to be ashamed of and can be fun to organize, too!…

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5 Money Saving Tips for Weddings on a Tight Budget

Weddings don’t have to be expensive. Simple solutions, such as DIY wedding favours, go a long way in lowering the budget. A lovely and memorable wedding can be had without going into debt. Here are five easy money saving tips to help you have your dream wedding on a tight budget.
Do it yourself! The Internet is full of websites to help you create your own DIY wedding favours, centrepieces, flower arrangements and more! Check your favourite bookstores for books and bridal magazines featuring DIY patterns and ideas.
Ask your friends and family for help. Is your cousin a fantastic photographer? Ask him to be the wedding photographer as his gift. Does your best friend work at a flower shop or bakery? See if she can get you a discount. Is your future sister-in-law great at applying makeup or doing hair? Do what you can on your own and with the help of friends and family. Ask your bridesmaids to help with DIY wedding favours and other projects. Ask the cooks in your family to help prepare the food. Ask around to figure out who has connections to the goods and services you need. You may be able to find many of the items on your list at a deep discount or free just by asking.
Don’t splurge on a designer gown. You want to look and feel special and beautiful, but be realistic. You are going to wear this dress once and for just a few hours. Scour the Internet for clearance sales. Consider buying second hand from a consignment shop or online auction website. If something a bit simpler might fit with your style, look at the clearance racks at department stores for white evening gowns. Follow the same tips for shoes and accessories. You may be able to borrow a veil or tiara from a friend or family member. Borrowing a treasured item will help you feel extra special on your big day and save you some money.
Decide what is most important to you and make paying for quality in that area a high priority. You and your betrothed may be foodies or music lovers. If so, skimping on catering services or the entertainment might be too much of a sacrifice for you. However, you might be fine with cutting the budget for flowers drastically.
Scale down. Do you really need everyone you have ever met to be at your wedding? Be discriminate when making your guest list. Smaller weddings simply cost less. Consider low cost venues, such as a community centre, park, or family member’s backyard. Serve appetisers instead of a full meal and consider forgoing alcohol. You might find that scaling down helps with both your budget and your stress level!…

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Some Wedding Budget Tips

Marriage ceremonies do not need to be costly because there are umpteen hints on how to achieve and enjoy a wonderful experience without breaking the bank.
Cutting down your invitation list is a fundamental step. The important people who should not be forgotten comprise only your family and closest friends. The more you feel obligated to invite the whole office and the people you haven’t talked to in a while, the more you will spend in the end. Reducing your invitation list will not merely trim down your catering costs but also expenditures on rentals, printing costs, gifts, and so forth. It is best to lessen your invitee list by group. For example, invite relatives who just fall below your second cousin up to the nearest. Invite your close friends in college as opposed to including every member of your organization.
Shortening your guest list will likewise help you reduce costs on mail and printing for wedding day invites. Instead of sending them using the mail, you could individually visit the people who are near your home or office. Likewise, make your reply slips through mail, phone, or cellphone. For example, there are web sites that supply survey facilities for occasions. Occasion invitations are put up on the site and people can answer with “yes I’m going,” no, or perhaps.
You can also get discounts on catering services and room lettings if your wedding day is off-peak season. These dates are normally on weeknights and Sundays. For traditional wedding festivities however, it is best to set your wedding on religious holidays. This will cut your decoration expenditures as churches will already have ornaments.
A different method to reduce costs is either hire, borrow, or make home-made materials. Conveyance is one example where you can rent or borrow from someone you are friends with. You can likewise borrow assorted items from a relative or friend such as kitchenware, jewelry and the bride’s shoes. In addition, pool help and resources from your family and friends where feasible. You can likewise look around the world wide web for do-it-yourself wedding day bits and pieces for more suggestions on designs. Moreover, instead of hiring professional photographers and videographers, you could ask some of your friends to take some pictures and video of the wedding using digital video cameras.
Hiring or obtaining attire for the bride, maids of honor, bridegroom, and his friends will also lessen outlays. A little creativity will do to revamp the gowns, like setting laces, beads, and ribbons. It is best not to pay out too much on wedding dress so as not to spoil your whole wedding cost.
Furthermore, you can save plenty of cash in your selection of wedding food and drinks. Firstly, locate the least expensive caterers and then weigh which is less expensive between a buffet meal and sit down meal.
In a good many weddings, couples have asked for functional items like kitchenware and home appliances as presents from their friends and relations. Obtaining practically every required item for your home free of charge will reduce the financial load during the wedding ceremony.…

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Cheap Wedding Ideas Can Produce Great Weddings

Everyone dreams of a great wedding. Achieving such dreams can be costly especially when the couple is on a tight budget. However, it is possible to have a great wedding within a tight budget if you are willing to hunt for better deals and look for cheap wedding ideas. I would like to share some cheap wedding ideas than can result in great wedding.
Make your own wedding invitation cards
Designing and printing your own wedding invitation cards using the computer software can be a lot of fun. Both of you can work together designing that special wedding card. Or even better if you are creative enough, you can handwritten those cards yourself to add some nice personal touch. You can save a lot here!
Make your own flowers
Another cheap wedding idea is to make your own flower arrangements. Buy the flowers (you can always get cheap ones in Ebay) and arrange them yourself. If you can’t, just get a friend to do it for you. You can save a lot on the cost of asking a florist to make the flower arrangements for you.
Do your own catering
Doing your own catering can also help a couple on a tight budget. You may have family members or relatives who are good at cooking. Get them together and cook the best family recipe for the special event of your life.
Ask everyone to be the wedding photographer
Wedding photos taken by specialized wedding photographers are expensive these days. To stay within the budget, why not get everyone to take photos of you and the others on your wedding day. You will get some nice and unexpected shots. Or better still leave a few disposable cameras on the reception tables together with a note informing the guests to take photos and later leave the cameras on the table.
Turn the wedding cakes into desserts
Turning the wedding cakes into desserts is also another option to stay within the budget. Make arrangements for both of you to cut the cake before sitting down to eat so that the cake can be served as desserts. Planning something like is will save you money too.
These are some cheap wedding ideas that can help make your wedding a great wedding. A great wedding does not have to be expensive. You can turn a simple wedding to a great one through proper planning.…

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Need Help With Wedding Budgeting? 3 Tips For You

So, you already know who you want to spend the rest of your life with, and you know how you want to walk down that aisle. But, wait a minute — do you know how to throw a wedding you don’t have to break the bank for?
Don’t be ashamed to admit you need help with wedding budgeting. So do a lot of couples! The good news is that while coming up with a budget that you won’t have any trouble sticking to can be tough, you can easily rise to the challenge. Start by acknowledging that you need help with wedding budgeting. Then, make use of these tips.
1. Look at the big financial picture. Sure, you’re fixated on the dress, like any bride would be. But the dress isn’t the only thing you have to spend for. Think rings, food, reception, and all sorts of expenditures betwixt and between. So you don’t go overboard on your dress buying, list down everything you need to pay for, and then estimate how much you can spare for the dress, the reception, and everything else.
2. Economize where and when you can. Who says your cake has to be the biggest or the most impressive? Don’t give in to the urge to splurge just to keep up with the Joneses. Keep things sweet and simple. You can get a beautiful three-layered cake, for example, instead of a six-tiered giant that your friends and family can’t finish in one sitting anyway.
3. Do the numbers regularly. So, you pay for your dress and think you can afford to pay for a tiara as well. But, can you really? There’s only one way to find out and that is to do the math. Keep a running list of your expenses. This way, you will know with a glance how much you have already spent and how much you can afford to spend.
In these tough times, it has become even tougher to throw beautiful weddings. If you need help with wedding financial planning, use these three tips to get you started on the right path. Good luck!…

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Choosing Wedding Rings

For the most part the wedding rings cost should be apart of the wedding budget. Nowadays couples pick out their wedding rings together. This ensures their getting the ring they like and will enjoy wearing. And since this is a joint decision adding it to the budget together is important.
Typically newly engaged couples select wedding band sets that are set in platinum or white or yellow gold. Generally couples won’t go with sterling silver however this based the couple’s preference. However the best place to save money and find a great ring is at jewelry store closeout sale locally or online.
Remember the rings are not about the cost but the devotion to each other and the dedication to that union. Today’s economy has a ring that would normally take a couple of paychecks to cover would now be well out of reach. Don’t spend what you can’t afford. Bottom line is the fact the you and your fiancé like it , want it and can afford it.
Setting a Wedding Ring Budget
Setting a wedding budget is one of the most important things you should stick too when planning your wedding. The ring should not cost more than the wedding it self however fit well within the plans. While the cost does not reflect the level of love it should signify this between you two. Consider the fact that to some people buying a wedding ring with two months salary is an expensive gesture as to others it’s easily afforded should be the premise of setting a wedding ring budget and placing it into the wedding plans. There are a number of very beautiful ring sets you can find for fewer than thousand dollars if you know where to look.
What the wedding ring symbolizes
Excluding the cost which has absolutely nothing to do with the meaning of ring the main meaning of the wedding ring is a commitment to love each other. This symbol of their lover for one another was not brought about because of money and should never be form under that basis. If that’s the case then you’re marrying for money and not for love and in that case the ring means nothing.
Choosing the Precious Metal
Deciding on the right styles and metals you want for your ring is easy. Both of you might want different metals and ring styles for the wedding set. In this case the bride can have as special engagement ring and wedding ring set while the groom has a plain band. Nowadays many couples are coming up with their own traditional style and metal of ring so you don’t have to follow all the guidelines when buying a wedding ring. As long as it is what you both want that’s all that matters.…

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5 Easy Ways to Save Money When Planning Your Outdoor Wedding

With the summer wedding season fast approaching and many couples looking for ways to cut back on the cost of their nuptials, outdoor weddings are enjoying resurgence in popularity. Not only does an outdoor event drastically reduce the amount spent on church and reception hall rental, but it also opens up a multitude of other cost cutting opportunities. With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of five easy ways to save money when planning your outdoor wedding.
1. Choose a month other than June. June is by far the most popular month for weddings, and with good reason; the weather is usually beautiful. But June isn’t the only calendar month with nice weather, and by choosing an earlier spring date or a fall date, you can save a lot of money with various vendors. Many photographers, caterers, and rental suppliers will charge a premium for weddings during the busy month of June, simply because demand is so high. If the date will work for you and your fiance, consider an April or October wedding instead.
2. Consider a morning wedding. Most weddings are held in the afternoon or evening, but there’s no reason you can’t have a wedding in the morning. Morning weddings are often a great way to cut back on expenses, for several reasons. First, you can serve breakfast instead of dinner. This eliminates the need to worry about expensive appetizers and alcoholic beverages. Generally speaking, breakfast foods are less expensive anyway. Furthermore, you may be able to negotiate some discounts with your service providers, since morning weddings aren’t that common, and you may also have an easier time booking the providers you want.
3. Choose a low cost outdoor venue like a friend or family member’s backyard. While it’s true that outdoor weddings are generally less expensive than indoor events, some outdoor venues can be pricey to rent. For example, if you were hoping for a very popular state park with a scenic overlook, don’t expect it to come cheap. By holding your event in a smaller or less formal outdoor space, not only can you save a lot of money on the location, but it can also afford you more flexibility with decorating.
4. Plant some flowers! Assuming you have chosen to hold the wedding in a space where you have some flexibility and control, consider planting some flowers a few months before the event to cut back on the florist’s expense. Planting flowers is also a great way to ensure that you’ll have exactly the variety of colors and textures you want when your big day arrives.
5. Buy decorations that can be used in your new home after the wedding is over. Outdoor weddings are often decorated with items that can be reused later in the couple’s new yard. For example, consider a large wedding arbor or pergola as the backdrop for your photos or the focal point where you’ll recite your vows. Garden trellises can also make a nice backdrop, as can large urns of flowers or planter boxes. If you have the ability to set these items in place a month or two in advance, go ahead and do so and plant some climbing flowers and vines like morning glory or nasturtium that will grow up the structures before your event. When the wedding is over, the items can be used to landscape your new home’s yard, and over the years, they will hold a very special sentimental value to you and your spouse.
These are just a few of many ways you can save money on outdoor wedding planning. With a little creativity and thinking outside the box, you can plan a beautiful and memorable wedding without breaking the bank.…