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Cheap Wedding Ideas Can Produce Great Weddings

Everyone dreams of a great wedding. Achieving such dreams can be costly especially when the couple is on a tight budget. However, it is possible to have a great wedding within a tight budget if you are willing to hunt for better deals and look for cheap wedding ideas. I would like to share some cheap wedding ideas than can result in great wedding.
Make your own wedding invitation cards
Designing and printing your own wedding invitation cards using the computer software can be a lot of fun. Both of you can work together designing that special wedding card. Or even better if you are creative enough, you can handwritten those cards yourself to add some nice personal touch. You can save a lot here!
Make your own flowers
Another cheap wedding idea is to make your own flower arrangements. Buy the flowers (you can always get cheap ones in Ebay) and arrange them yourself. If you can’t, just get a friend to do it for you. You can save a lot on the cost of asking a florist to make the flower arrangements for you.
Do your own catering
Doing your own catering can also help a couple on a tight budget. You may have family members or relatives who are good at cooking. Get them together and cook the best family recipe for the special event of your life.
Ask everyone to be the wedding photographer
Wedding photos taken by specialized wedding photographers are expensive these days. To stay within the budget, why not get everyone to take photos of you and the others on your wedding day. You will get some nice and unexpected shots. Or better still leave a few disposable cameras on the reception tables together with a note informing the guests to take photos and later leave the cameras on the table.
Turn the wedding cakes into desserts
Turning the wedding cakes into desserts is also another option to stay within the budget. Make arrangements for both of you to cut the cake before sitting down to eat so that the cake can be served as desserts. Planning something like is will save you money too.
These are some cheap wedding ideas that can help make your wedding a great wedding. A great wedding does not have to be expensive. You can turn a simple wedding to a great one through proper planning.…

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Small Budget Wedding Ideas for Your Special Day!

You both are in love, and your wedding day is circled on the calendar. Now you just have to figure out how to pay for it! If you are like most couples these days, money is tight and you definitely do not want to start your marriage deeply in debt. If you have already started planning your wedding, you both know how expensive they can be. Not to worry though… With the right small budget wedding ideas and tips, you can still have your dream wedding without going broke!
Top budget ideas to save on your wedding…
1. Wedding location. Your dream wedding doesn’t have to be in an expensively decorated church or at an over-priced country club! Many couples have opted for an outdoor wedding at a park or on a sandy beach. A backyard wedding can be just as lovely with the right decorating, and at a fraction of the price!
2.Wedding planning. If you are on a budget, then a professional wedding planner is out of the question! Instead, interview your family and married friends and ask them for tips and ideas. Also ask them about the best part of their wedding and the worst part! This may seem odd, but you will learn a lot of things to avoid. There are also many great wedding planning guides available that are filled with small budget wedding ideas to help you plan your perfect day!
3. Photography. Every bride and groom want plenty of photos to remember their special day, yet a professional photographer can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars! Another option is to seek out a photographer who is just starting in the business. Many times you can get a discounted price if you allow the photographer to keep a duplicate set of your photos that he can use to advertise his business to future clients. Do you have a family member or friend who enjoys photography as a hobby? You might ask them if they would take your pictures for you! Another trick that many couples use – hand out disposable cameras to your guests to use during the ceremony and reception. Afterwards, you can get the photos developed and you can also post them on-line for everyone to enjoy.
4.Reception savings. A common tradition is a late afternoon wedding with an evening reception, featuring a fancy dinner. A much less expensive option is to have a late morning or noon wedding, followed by a light brunch. None of the guests would expect a big dinner at noon!
5. Flowers. Did you know you can cut the cost of your flowers just by choosing a different type? Often, in-season flowers are much less expensive than off-season flowers, which will have to be shipped in from another part of the country. Your local florist can help you chose the right flowers for your budget.…

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Small Wedding Ideas

Save on Your Wedding Ideas

You’ve decided on the day so permit the preparations for the special day begin! Plenty to get ready, a lot to do and coordinate. There’s lots of factors to consider, over and above your own schedule for the wedding ideas.
Joyful, afraid, eager, weighed down are a few of the emotions you may be enduring now. Do not stress, you can find assistance with your wedding and also you have got an awesome place to start here.
Taking care of your wedding ideas will succeed much better when prepared ahead of time. Obtaining a helping hand via the Web for your wedding plans will save you time also. Be sure to consult your parents, your good friends as well as your priest for guidance and support with wedding details.
Most folks will be a lot more than thrilled to help you with all of those particulars and offer good approaches for points you might not have even thought about. Create an inventory of just about every man or woman possible that might like to be of assistance and advise them of the forthcoming marriage, I think they will grant their support prior to you raising the issue. People are good on a variety of matters, and you must learn in what ways they can provide help to you.
Have a list ready so you will make ideas regarding stuff they may wish to help you with. Just having an additional being along with you to go on buying trips for the wedding ideas and as you pick things out is a huge advantage.
Despite how sizable your wedding finances are, nobody hopes to shell out more funds for the same value. The money you save by comparing prices is money you’ll have for additional things like your honeymoon perhaps.
Another important point is finding reinforcement with the wedding ideas charge, obviously. There is someone with expertise who is able to provide you help with conserving money on your wedding ideas.
Simply go to her and discover in what ways she can lend a hand.…

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Small Wedding Ideas

Your Wedding Budget: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

The topic of money can be a sensitive one! Before you start setting dates and hiring vendors, you should have a serious discussion with your fianc?� and/or your families regarding your wedding budget. Some brides are blessed to have families who can take care of all expenses, while others must handle everything themselves. In either case, you should take a realistic look at what you are able to spend, without being left with mountains of debt after it’s all said and done!
Determine the ‘magic number’
This is the total amount you want to spend on everything (attire, ceremony, reception, jewelry, honeymoon, etc). As you determine what this number will be, consider such things as existing bills (mortgage, car note, etc), job stability, and future expenses (future mortgage, etc).
Figure out what your wedding priorities are
Once you have determined your bottom-line budget amount, decide what your priorities are. Do you want to spend more on the reception and less on pictures, or do you want to go all out on your dress, and spend less on flowers? This will help you determine how to allocate your wedding dollars. Your wedding planner can also provide assistance to you in designating your monies in specific areas.
Use it!
A budget is of no value unless you use it. Once you’ve developed your budget, stick to it! If you go over budget in one area, you may need to consider spending less in another. Always keeps your goal in mind…planning a beautiful day without selling the farm to do it!
Planning and following a budget is not the most glamorous aspect of wedding planning, and at times, following it may seem as if you’re throwing a ‘wet blanket’ on the excitement of your upcoming wedding. But, in the long run, it will give you peace of mind, and you will be glad you had the discipline to stay focused! I encourage you to take the time to develop a budget. Block some time out of your calendar to meet with your fianc?� and/or family members to complete this very important task.…

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Amazing Tips For Your Unique Wedding Theme

You may never get the title “Wedding of the year”, but you also want an exiting memorable wedding and not a wedding which is boring for your guests.
It is high time that you get away from all the rituals associated with weddings and add your own flavour to what could be the most memorable event in your life.
Here are some of the many unique wedding theme ideas that you can adapt:
Tip #1 – Get rid of the gigantic wedding cake.
Most weddings would never be complete without towering wedding cakes, those gateaus that no guest would ever want to touch to avoid it from tumbling down.
To make sure that all your guests would be able to enjoy the treat, you can settle for mini cakes instead.
There are already plenty of cake decorators who can customize the look of each of these cakes. Perhaps they can add symbols of things that you and your spouse are known for.
If both of you are into sports, you can have baseball field mini cakes.
Tip #2 – Sing out the speeches.
One of the things that are often ignored by guests during the celebration is the speeches. This is especially true if the one tasked to deliver has prepared several pages of it.
To make speeches livelier, you can ask them to sing their dedication to you instead. They can simply pick from among the multitudes of songs heard on the radio, or they can be creative enough to compose their own.
Tip #3 – Display the canvas.
You want to keep tabs of all the guests who came to your wedding. The list would come in handy once you send out your thank-you notes.
However, guest books can sometimes be torn, and they are too traditional.
A good option would be the canvas. You can have your guests write their names and well-wishes on it, and you can hang or frame the canvas later.
It then becomes an ever-lasting memento, and you are sure that you will not lose the list.
Tip #4 – Add your own ceremony.
You can insert your own ceremony during your wedding. Perhaps you want to surprise your partner with a song or a poem you yourself wrote.
You may want to encourage some of your guests to say a little prayer for both of you.
These gestures could be small, but they can make your own wedding intimate and, most of all, one of a kind.…

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5 Keys to Having Your Dream Wedding for $5,000 Or Less

We had dreams of a sensational wedding. When we got engaged we wanted our wedding to reflect our special love for one another while giving our family and friends an opportunity to celebrate with us. The only obstacle to achieving this was our limited financial resources. The average cost of a wedding is more than $20,000. We wanted our wedding to be special but it seemed ridiculous to sink so much money into our first day of married life.
We refused to believe that our dream wedding should put a pinch on our newlywed finances. By following five key rules, we were able to achieve the wedding we imagined, without breaking the bank. In fact, our wedding only cost us $2,000. Since then, we have helped thousands of brides and grooms use the same key rules to make their wedding fantasies a reality.
Key #1: Create a Budget
Carefully consider how much you want to spend on your big day. Keep in mind that before the last thank you note has been written you will be faced with everyday marital expenses. Don’t allow your wedding to create a financial stress. Knowing how much you can afford for each aspect of your wedding makes it easier to say no to upgrades and ad-ons.
Key #2: Evaluate Your Goals
The wedding world is full of all kinds of marketers trying to persuade you to believe that what they are offering is essential to the success of your wedding. Anchor yourself by thinking about what is really important. Start by asking yourself essential questions such as, why do you want to have a wedding ceremony and reception?
Once you know why you want a wedding ceremony and reception you can start to shape them. If your goal is to have a fun celebration with your family and friends, focus your energy and budget on your reception.
Although you probably have more than one goal for your wedding, prioritize in order to best focus your wedding dollars.
Key #3: Check-in With Resources
Brides and grooms should utilize all the resources available to them including friends, family, co-workers, church members, and classmates. A great place to start is with family. Even if you are not expecting your parents or family members to pay for your wedding, you should still check in with them. They may be able to offer to pay for a certain aspect of your wedding such as the cake.
As you think about the various roles that need to be filled for your wedding ceremony, try to think of family members and friends who would do a great job filling each position. Just be sure to express heart-felt thanks for any services or monetary gifts. Bottom-line: you won’t know until you ask.
Key #4: Delegate
Try to delegate time-consuming projects like flower arranging and table decorations to willing helpers. Most of your friends would love to help you. They are waiting to be invited to participate in your wedding process. Carefully select friends to help based upon their particular skills and interests. By delegating responsibilities to your friends and family, you will be free to focus on making sure that everything comes together the way you have envisioned for your wedding day.
Key #5: Go for the Deals
When we were planning our wedding, we looked into buying a unity candle. The simplest unity candle set sold for $30. Instead, we bought the candles and our desired decorative enhancements from a local craft store and assembled them at home. If you are willing to assemble a few pieces, you can find much of what you need at a crafts store. You will pay a fraction of the cost of ready-made wedding items and be able to customize your wedding.
An Open Door to Your Wedding Dreams
The five keys we have outlined for you will unlock the door to your dream wedding. You can have the wedding of your dreams at an affordable cost. If you can afford $5,000, $3,000, or less than $2,000 like our wedding, your dream wedding is possible.…

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Small Wedding Ideas

Summer Wedding Reception Themes

Planning a wedding is both exciting and overwhelming when it comes to the details. When you begin your planning, the first step is to develop a theme for the wedding and the rest of the ideas will fall into place. Summer wedding reception themes have endless possibilities, but if you choose a theme around something meaningful to you and your spouse the wedding and the reception will be wonderful. The following are some tips and ideas for planning a fun and romantic reception for your summer wedding.
Garden Themed Reception
A gardening theme is a perfect choice if you enjoy the outdoors and flowers. This type of theme is very easy to plan, elegant, and romantic. Choose a primary color for your bouquet and the decorations, and use a cream, off white or white as an accent for an elegant effect. Decorations could consist of several terra cotta pots in various sizes filled with summer flowers. Place a trellis at the entrance of both the reception and the wedding site for a garden effect. The use of tulle, candles, potpourri and luminaries for lighting will further provide a romantic atmosphere. The favors given to your guests can be packets of flower seeds, a pretty garden trowel, or a simple rose for each person.
Beach Theme Reception
Having a beach theme is not only fun to plan, but is an exciting and relaxing way to celebrate at the reception. Beach themes are easy to prepare for and the items used as decorations can be simple, inexpensive and easily found. Choose bouquets that are made from daisies, lilies and roses for an elegant but, relaxed look. The colors for the reception should be blues, creams and tans to resemble water and sand. For table decorations, simple mason jars filled with colorful sand and reeds surrounded by votive candles would provide color and the perfect amount of mood lighting. Favors are fun to choose for a beach themed wedding because there are so many adorable ideas, such as miniature Adirondack chairs or colorful sea shells in a an organza bag.
Nautical Theme
A wedding reception with a nautical theme is perfect for couples who enjoy boating and being on the water. Choose various shades of blue as the primary color and add touches of white with small amounts of red. Centerpieces made with a hurricane lantern in the center of decorative rocks will provide lighting and add a great nautical effect to the reception. Serve seafood as the main course with side dishes such as hush puppies and crab cakes. Have a “blue” specialty drink that is served in martini glasses. Favors for a nautical themed wedding can be whimsical and easy, such as a small bottle with a message inside or anchor shaped cookies in a decorative container.
Winter in the Summer
For a truly unique summer reception, switch things up and have a winter theme. Flowers that are all white, such as white roses or calla lilies, would make a beautiful bouquet while adding drama to the reception decorations. String white lights throughout the venue for the lighting and atmosphere, cover the tables with pure white tablecloths, serve the meal on white dishes, and throw in a dash of bright blue for small items such as the napkins or napkin rings. Have an ice sculpture in the center of the cake table and have a pure white cake with snowflake shapes or small silver/blue embellishments. The winter theme will surprise the guests, provide a romantic backdrop for you and your new spouse, and make your middle of August summer wedding reception, feel like winter.…