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Wedding Accessories

Choosing Wedding Rings

For the most part the wedding rings cost should be apart of the wedding budget. Nowadays couples pick out their wedding rings together. This ensures their getting the ring they like and will enjoy wearing. And since this is a joint decision adding it to the budget together is important.
Typically newly engaged couples select wedding band sets that are set in platinum or white or yellow gold. Generally couples won’t go with sterling silver however this based the couple’s preference. However the best place to save money and find a great ring is at jewelry store closeout sale locally or online.
Remember the rings are not about the cost but the devotion to each other and the dedication to that union. Today’s economy has a ring that would normally take a couple of paychecks to cover would now be well out of reach. Don’t spend what you can’t afford. Bottom line is the fact the you and your fiancé like it , want it and can afford it.
Setting a Wedding Ring Budget
Setting a wedding budget is one of the most important things you should stick too when planning your wedding. The ring should not cost more than the wedding it self however fit well within the plans. While the cost does not reflect the level of love it should signify this between you two. Consider the fact that to some people buying a wedding ring with two months salary is an expensive gesture as to others it’s easily afforded should be the premise of setting a wedding ring budget and placing it into the wedding plans. There are a number of very beautiful ring sets you can find for fewer than thousand dollars if you know where to look.
What the wedding ring symbolizes
Excluding the cost which has absolutely nothing to do with the meaning of ring the main meaning of the wedding ring is a commitment to love each other. This symbol of their lover for one another was not brought about because of money and should never be form under that basis. If that’s the case then you’re marrying for money and not for love and in that case the ring means nothing.
Choosing the Precious Metal
Deciding on the right styles and metals you want for your ring is easy. Both of you might want different metals and ring styles for the wedding set. In this case the bride can have as special engagement ring and wedding ring set while the groom has a plain band. Nowadays many couples are coming up with their own traditional style and metal of ring so you don’t have to follow all the guidelines when buying a wedding ring. As long as it is what you both want that’s all that matters.…

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Wedding Budget

5 Key Questions to Ask When Hiring a Wedding Videographer Or Photographer

In this article, I’m going to take you through 5 key questions you’ll want to be sure to ask during interviews you conduct with videographers and photographers you are considering hiring for your wedding.
1. How many proofs will you have to choose from?
Most couples like to have between 60 and 80 photos in their wedding album. It really can take that many photos to tell the whole story, but it can take up to 200 or more shots to make your final selections from.
For video, be sure to ask if the Videographer will cover the entire ceremony and reception and if they will charge extra to have the rehearsal dinner and preparations on the day of the wedding.
As both if their will be extra charges for taking more pictures or shooting more video. Those with digital equipment generally won’t. But if they do, or they use film, these extra charges can add to the bottom line significantly. Be sure you know the cost of the extras if applicable.
2. Who owns the proofs / negatives / master tape / raw video?
If the photographer or Videographer retains ownership, you’ll have to purchase all copies through him or her. The cost will be much higher than if you were able to make the copies on your own. If you own the negatives and raw video, you can shop around for the best deal on professionally make copies.
3. Ask about the deposit the photographer or Videographer requires
Also, be sure to find out of the deposit is refundable and how much notice is required to get your deposit refunded.
4. How long will it take to get the final prints, albums or tapes after the wedding?
Don’t be shocked if you are told it’ll take 3-4 months, because that’s the norm.m But be very wary if they can’t give you a firm time line or if the time line is much longer than 3-4 months.
5. Are you expected to feed the photographer and Videographer and their assistants?
Believe it or not, this is something that can cost you plenty. Some of these folks will add this to their contract, so it could end up costing you $25 or more per worker. If you’ve got a lot of staff working on your wedding, you could be looking at an extra $100 or more. Sure, you should probably be feeding these people, especially if they are with you all day, but you need to know exactly how many meals you will need for them so that you can stick to your budget.
You may want to speak with your caterer and see if they can provide a different and less costly meal for these folks. You’ll also want to make arrangements for the photographer and or the Videographer and their crews to eat before the reception so that they will be available to shoot important moments such as your entrance, your first dance and so on.…

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Wedding Checklist

Romantic Sydney Harbour Wedding Ideas

Every romantic’s heart beats faster at the idea of a romantic wedding and he or she aspires to have one that is special, unique and different from the umpteen romantic ideas of getting married that have been looked up, dived into, tried and tested by the millions of die-hard romantics of the world! Sydney Harbour is the most beautiful and the most romantic location in Sydney and the most romantic wedding ideas here are appropriately centred on the harbour!
The harbour has so many world famous landmarks where one can tie the romantic knot that each location provides an entirely different setting and a unique idea for your wedding! It could be a fun-filled romantic wedding or it could be casual, or elegant, or set in an iconic background – all romantic, of course! Sydney is blessed with long stretches of pearl-white beaches, sunny blue skies, and a pleasant climate throughout the year! A casual wedding in the setting of a beautiful beach could be utterly romantic too! There are several locations on the beaches of Sydney that provide wedding packages with all the usual trappings of a wedding – celebrant and bridal music included! After the ceremony, the bride and groom can sink their bare feet into the sand and kiss with the cool sea breeze blowing through their hair! There are beach venues on the foreshores of Sydney Harbour that combine the tranquillity of the beaches and the serenity of the harbour!
Sydney Harbour is famous for the most recognised icons of the world – Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge. If you are getting married in this city, you could think of giving an iconic touch to your wedding and make it especially memorable for not only yourselves but for all your guests as well! You can freeze the special moments of your special day forever in a series of spectacular photographs in the setting of the harbour and with the famous icons in the background! The Opera House and its premises provide a lot of romantic spots that are picture-perfect and ideal for the great event!
Blessed by nature, the city is also so richly endowed with verdant parklands and lush green gardens that one could actually organise a wedding on a landscaped garden amidst nodding blooms and swaying trees! There are garden locations with sweeping views of the harbour – Opera House, Harbour Bridge, Fort Denison and all! A garden wedding is one of the most time-tested romantic wedding ideas, and in Sydney, you could even have a mountain wedding! Mount Tomah Botanic Garden is one such location!
Sydney and its people are known for their cool lifestyle and attitude! If one wishes to throw in some sensation and adventure too in addition to romance to make one’s wedding extraordinary, that too is possible in Sydney! Couples have known to climb the Harbour Bridge with celebrant, guests and all to get married at the summit of the bridge! Imagine a wedding ceremony more than 130 metres above the water-level, looking down at the most beautiful harbour of the world and the amazing city of Sydney that would make you feel, quite literally, on top of the world!
There are other ways of having a sensational, adventurous and also romantic wedding in Sydney! Why not a tall ship wedding on, where else but, the spectacular Sydney Harbour! The ship has a quaint charm of a bygone era that would render yours a dream wedding! One can exchange the vows underneath the sails in a romantic rustic surrounding! The ship can be anchored at the wharf for the ceremony or the ceremony can take place when the ship is under sail! The groom can kiss the bride with the cool wind flapping the sails of the ship and causing a riot of the bride’s hair – in the setting of the harbour with the Opera House not far behind and the Harbour Bridge looking on!
A Magistic wedding cruise on a stylish catamaran and a Showboat wedding cruise on a classic paddle wheeler are other ideal ways to make the most of the amazing views of the harbour and a luxury cruise for a spectacular wedding! The menu can be prefixed which will be freshly prepared on board by an expert chef and his team. An events team can see to all the fine details of the ceremony leaving the bride and groom free from the hassles of organising their own wedding to happily glide into marital bliss! If marriages are made in heaven, romantic wedding receptions, undeniably, are held in Sydney!…

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Wedding Budget

Outdoor Wedding Ideas and Plans

Marriages are said to be made in heaven, but it surely is celebrated and planned on our very own planet. In the modern times, people are gradually switching to more wild and out of box plans for their weddings. Outdoor wedding ideas are a popular wedding choice that numerous couples are coming up with. Outdoor locations if chosen properly can add the essence of romance in the air. If you are not very cautious while picking the location it is needless to say that even the most captivating arrangements can turn sour. The conventional weddings are definitely weddings too but outdoor tag somehow adds to the entire feel and look of the occasion.
When you decide upon making your wedding extraordinary, deciding upon the right location is of crucial importance. There are many venues that have been tried and tested by people in different parts of the globe while there are locations that are still virgin. A great advantage of arranging a wedding outside the four walls is that you have the most beautiful guests attending your wedding- the nature. This also reduces the need to plan up a lot of decoration for the wedding since the nature takes care of that aspect. You just need to highlight a bit with the right kind of matching decorations.
Nature, too, has numerous elements to it. You are free to choose any of them based on what you and your partner prefers the most. Some of the most frequently picked locations used for marriages comprise of beaches, gardens, cruise, lakesides, and even forests and mountains. Outdoor wedding ideas also help you to divest yourself from the ancient themes pre-decided by people and pick on a theme of your choice. You can truly visualize your wedding fantasies coming to life with everything of your choice! There are various companies that provide the service of planning and arranging a wedding in an outdoor venue of your choice.
Such services are either in the form of packages that more or less envelope every aspect of the wedding or some of them are tailor made to suit your needs precisely. A bespoke outdoor wedding can prove to be more economical since you can cut down the costs by subtracting the segments you do not want or even have them replaced. An experienced and leading brand in this field can provide you plenty of outdoor wedding ideas. You will be able to explore greater locations since expert minds will be working on making your special day very exceptional.
Such packages usually cover everything beginning from decorations, food, drinks, music, lights, to post event tasks such as cleaning up etc. outdoor wedding ideas have gained immense popularity in the recent times since there is no restriction on the area in comparison to an event inside a closed hall. It also reduces the expenditure involved in the entire event. All you need to do is have an alternate back up in the same location so that in case of a sudden downpour you can quickly shift indoors without hassles. Just hold the hands of your beloved and be ready to begin the most amazing journey of life at the most mesmerizing location!…

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Wedding Budget

Wedding Budget Ideas

When planning a wedding these days, probably the first thing that comes in your mind is the cost. Weddings are happy and special days, however, they may turn out to be bloody expensive nightmares if taken lightly. That’s the reason why a wedding budget is very significant in any kind of nuptial. A wedding budget will basically tell you how far you can go when it comes to your purchases. It is a way to make sure that you do not go over top, avoiding you to overspend your savings. In this article, you will be given some tips and ideas on how to save money on your wedding, but still give you that kind you have always dreamed of.
* Decorating a wedding can be a bit pricey. So, instead of hiring someone to do flower arrangement for you, why not do it yourself? You can find so many DIY flower arrangements online, which you can try at home together with your family members and friends. Arranging your own wedding flowers will save you from compensating a professional whom you can beat when it comes to arranging flowers, in the first place.
* Online shopping is a practical shopping option, especially is you are on a tight budget. Aside from getting a good discount for purchasing a volume of items, most of online products were priced relatively cheap because online stores usually have little overhead charges, while local retailers don’t.
* Another practical idea that can help you save a big amount of money is to plan your wedding during an off peak season. Avoid seasons that are always loaded with weddings, where vendors tend to price their products and services very high. So, instead of getting married during a peak month, schedule your wedding sometime between November to April, where you can get much better wedding deals.
* Many engaged couples might think that hiring a wedding coordinator is just another addition to their wedding expenses, which is not always the case. There are good wedding coordinators these days that can help you trim down your expenses, without sacrificing the quality of your wedding. They will not only help you stay within the limit of your budget, but they will also plan everything for you, avoiding you from getting stressed and frustrated.
* One important thing to remember when planning a wedding on a budget is to plan well in advance. Remember, you can not put all the wedding details together if you will for the last minute to arrive. After all, it is better being over prepared than being under prepared.
* As much as possible, select wedding supplies that can serve a dual purpose. For example, finding place card holders that can also serve as wedding favors. Or, you can also find beautiful wedding favors to accentuate the reception tables, avoiding you to spend money for the wedding centerpieces. Feel free to get creative! You can make your own wedding supplies, including wedding invitations, decorations and favors. This will not only save you from spending tons of dollars, but you can also let your creativity shine through.…

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Wedding Budget

Planning a Winter Wedding – 5 Things to Remember

Planning a winter wedding normally is an exciting affair as it’s one of the prettiest and romantic seasons to get married in. Most winter weddings are indoor-based events, which mean that they happen to be more formal than the traditional spring or summer weddings.
For many couples, planning a formal occasion can seem daunting and scary. You can use the conventional winter colors like shades of silvers and whites and use crystals for emulating ice. This would be a very pretty winter wedding reception theme. You also can use colors like red, ice blue, gold and silver for the winter wedding.
1. For winter wedding ideas related to invitation cards, heavy cardstocks in the color white can be used with writing scripted in black. A snowflake logo on the card would look very elegant. Silver ribbons can also be tied around the invites.
2. There are diverse kinds of winter wedding flowers, which are seasonal and can be used for the d?�cor. Some of the most in-demand and loved varieties are hydrangeas, amaryllis and calla lilies.
To make beautiful and diverse boutonni?�res and bouquets, you can add in snowberries for a nice texture or Dusty Miller foliage or lamb’s ear for a slight touch of silverish green. You can add crystals to the flowers.
3. Planning a winter wedding at the right time is very important. Using branches instead of flowers will be very creative as winter wedding reception centerpieces. You can get branches in whites or blacks easily at your local craft store.
You can glue on the tiny crystals on these branches, so that they look like ice droplets and later arrange these lovely branches in a crystal clear vase. Place this vase on an elegant mirrored disk and surround this reception centerpiece with tea lights or votives.
4. Look through the internet to get more winter wedding decoration ideas. A great winter wedding cake would be a classic cake – all white which has been dusted with silver powder, which is edible. Embellish the cake with sugar crystals and white colored sugar ribbon or with a fantastic looking lace pattern. Another splendid idea would be placing each layer of the cake over the stands and then letting the exquisite looking crystal drops hang down from each of these stands.
5. You could also get involved with planning a winter wedding favor. In order to rightly match the recurring ice theme, use crystal ornaments that have been engraved with the couple’s names and the wedding date.
Mini ice wine bottles (wine which has been created from grapes that were harvested while they were still frozen) along with custom labels on them is a great idea too. Roasted chestnuts or cranberries coated in chocolate, handed in tiny mesh bags in silver would be a lovely favor for the guests.
You can also get made-to-order mugs, which have the wedding date and the couple’s names imprinted on them. These mugs can later on be boxed a hot chocolate or cocoa mix.
As daunting and intimidating as it might sound and look, planning a winter wedding is not that a scary task. Start planning months before so that there’s nothing left to shop or worry about at the last moment. A wedding ought to be a fun event, so you need to manage your time accordingly.…

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Ten Important Things to Remember For Your Summer Wedding

Summer is just around the corner and if you have not fully prepared for your wedding yet then now is the time. Making sure you cover all the bases is important. I personally had a summer wedding and wish I would have known all of these things when preparing for my big day. So for all of you summer bride-to-be ladies here are ten important things to remember for your wedding.
Waterproof Mascara
From all the emotional moments and warm weather you are sure to have a moist face at your wedding. To help prevent horrible mascara running down your face make sure you invest in great waterproof mascara. Then all you need to worry about is buying some mineral oil or eye makeup remover to get it off.
Smudge-Proof Eyeliner
Along the same lines as the waterproof mascara you are also going to want smudge-proof eyeliner. They are wonderful when you touch your eyes by accident with your hands or need to wipe the tears or sweat off your face. Either way having great eyeliner is a lifesaver.
Comfy Shoes
After hours and hours of walking, standing and dancing your poor feet will need a bit of a break. To help prevent too many blisters or sore feet make sure you pack a comfortable pair of white flip flops or other white shoes. This way you can transfer back and forth as you need to throughout the day and night.
Oil Blotting Tissues
These are a must for a daytime wedding as they will keep the glare down on your forehead. Not that you wanted to accentuate that anyhow. The oil blotting tissues are great if you have super oily skin or sweat easily. They keep the oil and moisture down on your face and can be hidden in your dress to be used as much as needed.
Summer Dress
If the wedding dress you got is really heavy and you are having a wedding somewhere that reaches over one-hundred degrees you may want to pack a summer dress. This is a great way to cool off after a long ceremony and once all the photos are done. It is amazing how great it feels to just throw a cute light dress on after being untied out of your wedding dress.
Bustle Your Dress
If you are having an outdoor wedding or going to take outdoor photos then it is a good idea to get your wedding dress bustled. I had this done and it made a world of a difference when dancing and getting around the wedding reception. Having your train out for the ceremony and photos is about as much as you will want to deal with it. The bustle really helps out a lot.
Drink Water
One of the most important things to remember for your summer wedding is to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water. There is a lot of stress and anxiety that comes along with walking down the aisle in front of lots of people and then speaking out loud too. To help prevent for getting heat stroke or fainting remember to carry water bottles around with you.
Allergy Medicine
If you are one of the millions that suffer from allergies then you may want to pack your allergy medicine. The summer months can be brutal for those who suffer from serious allergies and there is no time for suffering on your wedding day. To make sure you are good to go take your medication in the morning and keep it with you throughout the wedding and reception.
Pedicure & Manicure
Now that open toed shoes are finally getting pulled out of the closet you may have noticed your feet. Winter does horrible things to heels and since socks have covered the toes there has been no need to paint them. To prepare for the sexy open toed wedding shoes and the new bling bling make sure you make a manicure and pedicure appointment for the day before your wedding.
If you are having your wedding outdoors or live in an area that has high humidity in the summer then you will want to use plenty of hair spray. Make sure you tell your hair stylist to use extra hold so there is no wild hair by the end of the day. Also you can get a little travel size to stick in your purse as well.
Hopefully I have covered most of the things you wouldn’t want to forget to do or bring. It can get really overwhelming on your wedding day so make sure you plan ahead of time instead of waiting until the last minute. Good luck with your summer wedding and I hope everything goes as smooth as possible.…