Selecting a Wedding Planner Book

For those who can’t afford to hire a wedding planner, buying a wedding planner book may be the next best bet. But what are the criteria of a good book? What should the bride or groom look for in such a guide? This article will highlight the main things to look for when making this purchase.
First, you have to make a decision on what kind of binding you want for your book. A regular bound book, like you’d find for any novel, is a solid choice, but may fall apart with much use. A spiral bound book may hold up better under the abuse you’ll surely give it. You could also get a binder book – the advantage of these types of books is that you can add your own pages to it if necessary. The pages could accidentally get ripped out of the book, however, so be careful.
Next, content matters. Some books will give general advice on what to plan, while other books will go into great detail. Some will even offer you suggestions for themes, music, and more. How much detail your book should offer is up to your taste. If you know exactly what you need to do and just need an organizer, you may not need a book with tons of info. But if you are totally lost, look for a book with as much information as you can stand.
Perhaps the most important part of a wedding planner book is how it keeps you organized. You want a book that will allow you to write in your own information into it about dates, guests, vendors, design choices, and any other specifics about your wedding. You want a book that will keep you focused as you peruse the options available for your wedding. Look for books that have worksheets that you can copy or print out and give to others if necessary.
Finally, look for a book with extras. Some books come with calendars, DVDs, or computer software that will help you in your wedding planning quest. Good luck!

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