The Blended Family Wedding

One of the most popular growing trends in wedding themes is the “Blended Family”. More couples are getting married that have children from a previous marriage or relationship, and wish to incorporate the entire family into the ceremony.
It’s a nice gesture to make everyone part of the special day. What a nice way to start off a new family dynamic, than to involve everyone from day one. A wedding is a ceremony to celebrate the act of two lives becoming one, why not acknowledge your children and celebrate two families becoming one?
With blended family wedding accessories you’re able to imbue these sweet notions with personalized engraved items to help you make a blended family theme out of your wedding.
One way to involve your children in your wedding ceremony is with a unity ceremony sand set with more than two vases. Some unity ceremony sand sets come with three or more pouring vases, which allow your children to actually take part in the ceremony. The unity sand ceremony set replaces the traditional unity candle. It includes a center vase or cylinder and side or “pouring” vases. Sand is placed in the pouring vases prior to the ceremony and then during the “unity” ceremony, the bride and groom pour their own vases into the one center vase, signifying the act of two becoming one. When you choose to include your children in the ceremony, the extra pouring vase can then be used by them to incorporate them becoming one with you as a family.
Unity sand ceremony sets come in many varieties and styles including different shapes of the vases. Choose one that has a center vase that you like the most because generally the center vase that contains the poured sand from your side vases is used as a keepsake in the home to help you remember your ceremony long after your wedding day. Most styles also offer engraving or personalization so that you may not only have the bride and groom’s names and wedding date etched onto the glass vases, but also those of the children involved.
If you prefer a traditional pillar style unity candle, these are also available in a blended family design. They can be printed with a stylish blended family graphic and can also include the bride and groom’s names, wedding date, and names of the children. Again, all you need is an extra taper candle and the children can be involved in the unity ceremony as well by taking part in the lighting of the unity candle.
The blended family wedding theme can also be carried through to the reception. Blended family cake toppers are available with the same design as the blended family unity candle to continue your inclusion of everyone. This item may also be engraved with everyone’s names and your wedding date. It makes an elegant plaque that looks great on a shelf or side table as well.
Even your signature or guest book can reflect your overall blended family theme. A blended family canvas signature guest book represents your family’s unity with the matching design. Again printed and personalized with your names, the children’s names and the wedding date, you’ll have a stunning wall hanging for your home. Signature alternatives are extremely popular with many occasions because of their appealing functionality. Guests enjoy placing their signature on this framed canvas because it’s something different. You’ll enjoy having something to cherish and admire for years to come.
The consideration and inclusion of your children is important as you begin your new life together. Why shouldn’t you involve them in some way during the wedding? Your lives will now be blended, so why not make the children a part of the festivities too? With blended family wedding accessories that display everyone’s names, and giving them a role in your big day, your thoughtful theme will be carried through with style and grace.

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