Tips to Having a Traditional Wedding

For some brides it is important to have a traditional wedding. This can be the classic Victorian weddings of Europe and the United States, or the more exotic marriages rites of places like India, Africa and China. As a bride who wants to have the traditional wedding in modern times, this can be a challenge. If you live in Europe and the United State you most likely have a diverse set of friends and even family so while some customs can be preserved you may find yourself having to bend some rules to accommodate your guests. In some cases it may be simply that getting all the traditional materials for the ceremony is more difficult than originally thought as some of them may not be available where you live. Well don’t’ fret. Here are some great tips to have a successful traditional wedding even with limited resources.
Make a checklist of the rituals, ceremonial items, and any other custom that would normally go with a traditional marriage ceremony for your culture. This is very important as it helps you know what is needed and what you can procure. It is a very good idea to get the assistance or at least input of your parents and other relatives familiar with the practices so that you can go through your list. Another great source of information is the religious leader that is going to marry you. As a custodian of your faith he or she is great resource to draw from. They can also tell you what you can permissibly get away with if you have to make compromises.
Now think of what decoration you need. This is very important sometimes you don’t have to get the exact item as long as you can get something that is a close approximation. A great example is Asian themed decorations and wedding favors. They are easy to find on the internet and at specialty wedding boutiques. They may be stereotypes or generic but if they have enough of what counts they can be great substitutes.
Think of who is coming to the wedding. This is very important as it will determine how strictly you will have to adhere to custom. In most cases if you are having the ceremony in the United States or Europe there will be friends or even family of other cultures at the festivities. The important thing is to make everyone comfortable. There should be no major problems with the main ceremony itself but for the feast or reception take into account that not all the foods served will be to your friends or guests. Make sure to have more standard fare so that you can meet everyone’s needs without making it obvious.
If permissible, be creative. Depending on what is allowable add creativity and make the nuptials truly your own. One of the best things about traditions is that you can interpret them in new ways. A great idea is to make your wedding be all about the fusion between Traditional and western culture. If you are someone who was born in a foreign country, but have parents that are immigrants this is a really great idea for you. In the end the whole point is to have a ceremony that reflects your personality and where you come from.

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