Top 3 Questions That You Must Ask Your Wedding Planner

Planning weddings was never an easy job and when it comes to your wedding, you want absolutely the best. In order for this to happen, you must make sure to hire a good wedding planner. Merely glowing testimonials and recommendations by others is not enough. You need to see for yourself whether the wedding planner in question will suit your needs.
It’s quite a well-known fact that what worked for your second cousin might not work for you!
Of course, the small matter of verifying whether the wedding planning business does exist must come before asking any questions. Here are five questions that you absolutely must ask your wedding designer.
1. Do I get value for my money? You need to know exactly what you’re setting yourself up for. This helps to ensure that no “surprise” costs crop up out of the blue after you’ve already hired your wedding designer and there’s only a month left for the wedding! Does the wedding planning fee also include the fee of the assistants on D-day? If not, how many assistants will be required and how much will they charge?
2. Will you stick to my budget and not push me to go (too much) further? Sticking to the wedding budget is a big part of the wedding planners’ job. But sometimes, your wedding budget seems to increase by a whole lot. It’s not hard to make a wedding go over-budget at all! So make sure you hire a wedding planner who makes the budget a top priority.
3. Are you familiar with the Venue and Vendors? You may have hired the best wedding planners but they might not be familiar with the vendors you want! Also, you need to ask whether your wedding planner is getting a referral fee from the vendors in question, if one company is being pushed at you from all directions, then you know it’s just a backend financial agreement which is driving this entire transaction. So you need to be cautious about that!
I’m sure that, by now you have understood that you can’t rest in peace after handing over the responsibility of arranging the wedding to wedding planners, so don’t forget to get out that old yoga mat you have and de-stress at times!

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